Data uit het SE-Platform kan via de Viewers bekeken worden of via zogenaamde "APIs" worden opgehaald. Let wel op de Disclaimer met daarin de licentie-voorwaarden (link hierboven)! Fouten of onregelmatigheden in de data kunnen gemeld worden op


All APIs are based on OGC Standards. There are multiple APIs, dependent on goals (image, data, bulk-download) and also historically from research.

Naam Beschrijving API Link Documentatie
SOS API OGC SOS (XML) API voor alle (historische) waarden (52North) SOS Capabilities Docs
SOS REST API idem als REST API voor alle (historische) waarden REST Link API Docs
OGC SensorThings API SensorThings REST API (STA) by Geodan GOST Server REST Link OGC Standard, Wikipedia
WMS API OGC WMS including WMS-Dimensions for Time WMS Capabilities OGC Standard
WFS API OGC WFS e.g. for Download Timeseries WFS Capabilities OGC Standard
SOSEmu REST API* SE JSON/HTML REST API alleen voor laatste waarden REST Link  

*NB de SOSEmu REST API is tijdelijk en zal uitgefaseerd worden.

See also the Cookbook in the SE Documentation for using these APIs in clients.

Download Timeseries

Download of refined (validated, calibrated, aggregated) and raw timeseries (history) data is possible in various ways. Apart from the SOS/WMS/WFS APIs above data can be downloaded via the Viewers.

52North Viewer (SOS)

See the SOS Viewer (52North). When viewing the Chart, click in "I" (Info) button on the right under each component. NB: there is a known bug in the 52North Viewer: the download button disappears when changing the color of the indicator/component.

Heron Viewer (WFS)

Download as CSV and other formats via WFS using the Heron Viewer:

Advanced: it is even possible to download RIVM historic data (from 2014 on): enable the Layer RIVM Stations. Choose the Search form "Door geometriën te tekenen"

Direct (WFS)

For raw/direct download via your browser or a download tool like curl, a quick WFS download be done this base URL: id

where component is one of 'co2', 'co', 'coraw', 'no2', 'no2raw', 'o3', 'o3raw', 'temperature', 'pressure', 'humidity', 'noise_level_avg' and station id a station number like 12.

Example: all NO2 hourly averages station 20 (CSV)